Exciting programs for 2020

RMN is coming to Macedon Ranges schools in 2020 …

We’re very excited for what is brewing with our 2020 School Music Programs through the Ranges Music Network. As of writing this we’ve announced that we’ll be rolling out ensemble and lesson programs with Macedon Primary School in 2020. Additional schools are coming soon so watch this space!

The goal of the Ranges Music Network is to build a music ecosystem in our community that includes opportunities for musicians of all ages to actively listen to music, collaborate with others through ensembles, learn from mentors, share their achievements through performances and recordings and be guided to consolidate their skills through setting up good practice habits.

The opportunity to start with Primary-aged students at the beginning of their musical journeys is a special one. I aim to work with a team of truly inspiring and innovative music Educators to build a progressive program of structured and unstructured ensembles, group and individual lessons and broader community music opportunities with a difference. We will focus on including all music lovers and instilling a love of music that our young musicians can take with them throughout their lives.

Shaun Evans directing community music
Shaun directing a community music fundraiser for the Macedon Ranges Music Collective.

There are numerous articles and studies that will espouse the benefits of music education to the development and academic outcomes of young people. I believe that, although a valid reason to encourage your child to give music a go the other benefits are truly paramountmusic allows people of all ages to connect with each other, share ideas, innovate, create, build and produce magical things out of thin air. Some aspects of learning an instrument (practise) can be a solo pursuit, but the true expression of music is always a collaborative effort. By sharing the joy and energy of creating something together, even at a basic level — all will leave feeling inspired, more connected with their community and with their cup filled to tackle the next challenge ahead of them.

I hope to use the blog and future Pod and Vlodcasts to continue to share why I find sharing music with others (musicians of all ages) so inspiring.

In the mean time if you are interested in learning more and accessing music programs for Primary to Secondary-aged musicians please visit our 2020 School Music Programs page. There is a survey there that will take about 5 minutes of your time and will assist us in building the programs to offer at each of our learning hub schools in the Macedon Ranges. If you have any questions and would like to get in touch please reach out to me at shaun@rangesmusic.net.

Happy Music Making! — Shaun Evans

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