After School Ensembles

The study of music isn’t complete without sharing in the language of music. Join our ensemble programs to share in the joy of music and community!

The Ranges Music Network will offer a number of exciting and engaging After School Ensembles to allow our members the ability to fully experience playing in a large band or choir. A number of our ensemble programs will work together to build performances (such as Vocal groups teamed with Bands). At certain times of the year we will connect bands across our network of schools to stage combined performances and events. It’s all very exciting!

Singing or playing in a Band / Ensemble is the essential extension of their work in Group or Individual lessons (whether within the Ranges Music Network programs or elsewhere). A student studying a language (French, Indonesian) wouldn’t expect to work one on one and not experience speaking and sharing ideas in that language with others. The same is true of music — many young musicians spend all their time in lessons and practising and never engage with other musicians in the language of music. We hope that you’ll see the full value in the combination of music lessons and ensemble participation — and allow your budding performer to share in the joy of music with their peers!

Participants in our Group or Individual lesson programs (at participating schools) will receive a discount on After School Ensemble fees.

After School Ensemble programs will be offered in 60 minute (Beginner to Intermediate) and 90 minute (Intermediate to Advanced) sessions. Beginners should not be discouraged from a 90 minute program that interests them.

Please feel free to contact our Program Director, Shaun Evans with any questions you have regarding our different programs on offer at

60 & 90 Minute Programs:

Our large format ensemble programs below are where young musicians can put into practice the skills they are building. An essential part of the learning experience!

60 Minute Sessions: $26 / Session (incl. GST) (All levels or beginners to intermediate musicians)

90 Minute Sessions (40 + 40 + 10 min break): $32 / Session (incl. GST) (For committed musicians or musicians with some experience)

The Folk Sessions (60 min) – A space for intermediate to advanced musicians to delve into traditional and folk music traditions and songs. Learn the conventions, styles, community and improvisation involved in different traditional music styles from around the world. Ideal for Singers, Percussionists, Harpists, Guitarists, Woodwinds, Ukuleles and lovers of song! #worldmusic #musicaltraditions #irish #english #american #australian #history #intermediateplus >> Register your interest

The Rock Singers (60 min) – A group for lovers of Pop, Rock, Soul and Classic Hits! Our Pop & Rock Singers will get dug into everything from Taylor Swift to Queen and Bowie. The Pop & Rock Singers will stage performances, recording sessions and videos with the backing of the Rock Orchestra. It’s a dream team and will be sure to please! This is an inclusive group that is open for all ages and levels. #classicrock #schoolofrock #american #english #top40 #kidfriendly #alllevels #inclusive >> Register your interest

The Rock Orchestra (60 min) – The instrumental cohort to the Pop & Rock Singers — The Rock Orchestra is a 21st century group that is open to all instrumentalists. Whether you play Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, Harp or Guitars, Keyboard and Percussion we’ll work with you to build up your skills in reading music and having fun in this inclusive ensemble for all levels. #dreamteam #schoolofrock #swifttoskynyrd #allinstrumentscanpply #modernorchestra #kidfriendly #alllevels #inclusive >> Register your interest

The Opera Chorus (60 min) – The Opera Chorus is a fun and inclusive gateway for singers who are interested in Classical Voice and Opera. Challenge yourself with an introduction to classic Opera themes, scenes and stories. We’ll have you reading Italian and German and speaking in tongues! #realdivaswanted #operalovers #classical4ever #pavarottiplease #chamberchoir #alllevels #inclusive >> Register your interest

Junior Musical Theatre (60 min) – Our Musical Theatre program for young singers and actors from Prep to Year 2. Join in the fun of scenes from classic shows, films and movies. If you’re enjoying the Disney Club (Morning program) the Junior Musical Theatre program is the natural progression for stage lovers of all ages. #musicaltheatre #alllevels #takethestage #lloydwebber #sondheim #kidfriendly #inclusive #prepsandup >> Register your interest

Junior Fun-kateers (60 min) – The Fun-kateers is the band for both singers and instrumentalists (or singing instrumentalists!) that are ready to move and groove with Soul and Funk classics! We’ll form a street band, play community events and parades and have a great time. Build skills in improvisation, groove and bringing the f-u-n-k! An inclusive group for all ages and abilities. All instruments and voices are welcome. Suggested for Year 1 / 2 and up. #wewantthefunk #alllevels #bringthefun #partyband #streetband #inclusive #nothingbutfun #yr1-2-andup >> Register your interest

Senior Musical Theatre (90 min) – An exciting program for singers, dancers and actors from Year 3+. Explore the world of Musical Theatre, Film and Movies producing scenes with choreography and heaps of fun. Will quickly become the destination for young theatre lovers in the Macedon Ranges! #takethestage #spotlight #musicaltheatre #alltheclassics #scenesandmore #yr3andup #Withoosfactor >> Register your interest

The Show Band & Singers (90 min) – Come on down to Show Band where we’ll be building a new show every 8 weeks! From sets of Motown classics to tracks from classic albums, theme shows and more. We’re looking for singers and instrumentalists from Year 2/3+ to form one of the most cooking stage bands the Macedon Ranges has ever scene. We’ll work towards gigs, recordings and videos to showcase your passion and talents! Aimed at musicians with some playing / singing experience, but please contact us if you are interested in taking part. #soulband #allinstrumentswanted #singersplease #soloopportunities #funandinclusive #yr3andup >> Register your interest

The Jazz Experience (90 min) – Are you interested in Blues, Jazz, Soul, improvising and exploring music from the 20s to today? The Jazz Choir and Jazz Band are for you! We’ll be teaming up singers for solos and ensembles with a band of instrumentalists and budding improvisers. Our exploration will take us from New Orleans to Memphis, Chicago to Paris and all parts in between. Find out why jazz is still some of the most exciting music known to man and drives all popular music of today from Hip Hop to Honky Tonk. Some experience suggested, but open to all instrumentalists and singers who are committed to having fun. #thejazzexperience #ragtimetorap #learntoimprov #chordsandmore #theoryandfun #alllevels #inclusive >> Register your interest

The Chamber Orchestra (90 min) – This is an exciting opportunity to be involved in the only multi-instrumental Chamber Orchestra program in the Macedon Ranges. The Chamber Orchestra is open to all instrumentalists who are committed to exploring classical and modern classical music in a committed and fun ensemble. From Handel and Holst to Harry Potter — we’ll have an exciting time working through the foundations of modern music. Open to all instruments (traditionally classical and otherwise!) and we will provide you with the sheet music, resources and support to ensure you have a great time in The Chamber Orchestra. #classicalplease #therangesorchestra #somethingcoolisbrewing #allinstrumentsplease #someexperience #alllevels #inclusive >> Register your interest

Please visit our 2020 School Music Programs page for more information or email our Program Director, Shaun Evans at