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The following Terms & Conditions govern the use of rangesmusic.net and any products or services provided or sold by the Ranges Music Network (“RMN”). The Ranges Music Network reserves the right to updated these Terms & Conditions at any time.

PepperHorn Pty Ltd as Trustee for the Evans Family Trust

The Ranges Music Network is part of the PepperHorn group of companies including PepperHorn Music (pepperhorn.com), PepperHorn Music Education (pepperhornmusic.com), PepperHorn Consulting (pepperhornmusic.com), The Ranges Music Network (rangesmusic.net), Ranges Events (rangesevents.com.au). Shaun Evans is the Director of The Ranges Music Network (shaun@rangesmusic.net).

Enrolment Terms

Updated Aug 14 22

Lesson (Group / Individual) and Ensemble (Before / After School) Enrolments:

  • All new Enrolments require a minimum 2 week / 2 session commitment.
  • Enrolments will be processed on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Enrolment in a program will be subject to availability.
  • RMN may substitute or change the staff members associated with a given program where necessary.
  • Program sessions will begin once the minimum enrolment threshold has been reached.
  • Where the minimum enrolment threshold has not been reached within 2 weeks (10 business days) of accepting payment you will be contacted to select another program, transfer the enrolment credit to a different program or receive a refund for the enrolment fees.
  • Leaving a program: Members will be allowed to withdraw from a Program after the 2 week / 2 session minimum and either transfer their credit to another program or receive a refund for the remaining sessions paid to date. Should you have any questions regarding withdrawal please contact the Program Director, Shaun Evans as soon as possible.
  • Maintaining Your Credit Balance: Where customers are paying for their music lesson program using sessional credits it is very important that our cusomters retain a positive credit balance. Leeway will be allowed for credit balances to dip up to 2 sessions in the negative. After 2 sessions in the negative the customer will receive a reminder to bring their credit balance into the positive. Should the balance not be remedied within 7 days of the notice the enrolment will be put on hold until the balance is brought into the positive.
  • Difficulty paying for your program: If the customer is experiencing difficulty in paying for their program or keeping a positive credit balance they are highly encouraged to reach out to the Program Director as we would like to assist you wherever possible.
  • Force Majeure: RMN will make all possible efforts to create an exception to the cooling off and withdrawal policies in the event of unforeseen circumstances or circumstances beyond the control of the Member or their family. Please contact the Program Director, Shaun Evans in the event of extraordinary circumstances that will require you to withdraw from a program and we will endeavor to assist you in any way we possibly can.

Attendance / Failure To Attend (Group & Ensemble Programs):

As these programs are ensemble or group in nature we will not be able to offer a refund in the event you are unable to attend due to illness, schedule conflict or other reason. The program sessions will run as scheduled and if you foresee an issue with a scheduled session please contact the Program Director, Shaun Evans as soon as possible to bring it to RMN’s attention. RMN can not guarantee a remedy or rescheduling of a session, but will work with you to a satisfactory outcome.

Attendance / Failure To Attend (Individual Lessons):

Failure to attend an Individual lesson will count as a lesson delivered and be deducted from your lesson credits.

If a Member is ill and unable to attend school / their lesson time RMN requires a minimum of 12 hours notice to cancel or reschedule a lesson.

If the Member / their Family provides notice that is less than 12 hours RMN will make every effort to make arrangements to avoid charging for a lesson, but can not guarantee the ability to cancel the lesson.

If a Member is feeling ill please contact info@rangesmusic.net a the earliest possible convenience so arrangements can be made.

We know that you value our Educator’s time and we will work with you to manage both the needs of young musicians and the realities of our business operations.

Refunds / Exchanges

All sales at rangesmusic.net are considered final unless otherwise directed in the product description. Workshop fees will be refunded up until 24 hours prior to the start of the workshop. Please contact info@rangesmusic.net for any questions regarding Workshops.

Paid enrollments for music lessons, bands or music lesson programs (in schools and after school) may be transferable between members enrolled under your account or within your direct family or to other members through arrangement. Please contact info@rangesmusic.net for details.

Tickets to events may be refundable or transferable up until 24 hours prior to the start of the event. Please contact info@rangesmusic.net for more details.

Refunds will not be offered for a failure to attend, participate or otherwise take advantage of a lesson, program, band, workshop, event or other session for which you have paid a fee. Please direct any inquiries to info@rangesmusic.net at the first available instance so we can work with you to find a remedy to your situation.

Participation in workshops, events, bands, lessons and other music education activities will only be offered to members who have paid in full. Ranges Music Network reserves the right to refuse service to any participant and offer a refund in lieu of services at the discretion of the Ranges Music Network.

Musical Equipment / Physical Goods

The purchase of any musical equipment or goods purchased through the Ranges Music Network shop will be considered a final sale. Exchanges will only be considered where items are within their original packaging and contain all items and accessories as originally packaged. Refunds will be at the sole discretion of Ranges Music Network. Please contact info@rangesmusic.net for details.

Physical goods or musical equipment will not be shipped, delivered or transferred to the purchaser until payment in full has been received. The Ranges Music Network does not offer credit terms unless explicitly arranged through a separate agreement. Please contact info@rangesmusic.net for details.

Conditions of Enrollment & Participation

Our individual programs, workshops, events and activities may have their own Conditions of Enrollment and Participation which will be included in the description of the event or activity and made available prior to purchase. For any inquiries please contact info@rangesmusic.net.

Instrument Hire – Terms & Conditions

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