St. Ambrose Primary School

We’re excited to be a part of the St. Ambrose Primary community with our fun and accessible progarms!


The Ranges Music Network will bring our fun, inclusive and accessible mix of Group Lesson, Band / Ensemble and Individual programs to the school across a variety of instruments. Have a look below to start on your journey ..

Program Days

We will work with our musicians at St. Ambrose Primary Mondays through Wednesdays.

2024 Programs at St. Ambrose Primary – Enrol Now!

Choose the Launchpad that’s right for you!

The standard Launchpad program including 4 x 20 min Individual lessons + 4 x 1:4 Ensemble sessions.

$346 per Term

Change to 4 x 30 min Individual lessons per term for +$62!

$408 per Term

Extra Individual focus with 8 x 30 min Individual lessons and the standard 4 x 30 min 1:4 Ensemble sessions!

$630 per Term

Upcoming Sessions at St. Ambrose Primary:

Please note the schedule is subject to change. More sessions are on the way pending enrolments!

Pending Interest:

Need some help?

Reach out to our Program Director, Shaun Evans!

Any questions?

Please reach out to our Program Director, Shaun Evans with any questions you have. Email Shaun >>