Online Learning Programs Are Here!

Learn a new instrument or skill or join one of our exciting new Band & Vocal ‘virtual’ ensembles!. All ages and abilities (including Adults!!)
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Online Learning with Ranges Music Network!

We’re excited to be launching a number of Online Learning programs including lesson programs (Guided Learning and Individualized Learning) and ‘virtual’ Band & Vocal Ensembles (Online Bands) for Term 2.

We’re going to keep rockin’ on cause you can’t stop the music! Have a look at what’s on offer, what’s to come and get involved.

Programs are open to ALL AGES, skill levels and abilities — so we hope to see both the young and the young at heart getting signed up!

What Does Online Learning Look Like?

  • Warp ups to get you going
  • Written, video and audio content along with sheet music and support materials to guide you through each session / lesson
  • A skill or technique building module that reinforces how we work through and learn new music
  • A walk through of any new material that you’re working on that week
  • Opportunities to extend yourself with video inspiration, ideas and performance / recording options!

New Online Learning Programs:

RangesMusic.net is the home for the Ranges Music Network of music education programs in the Macedon Ranges. We’re committed to bringing accessible, inclusive opportunities to learn a new instrument, sing in a group, play in a band, have fun and grow! Our programs are aimed at musicians of all ages (including old dogs).

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Where do i find RMN programs I can sign up for?

RMN is offering Online Learning Opportunities to keep the music playing during the COVID crisis.

We’re looking forward to returning to our member schools and starting community band programs once everything has settled down.

Please reach out to us with any questions you have along the way.

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Bands & Groups On The Way:

Ranges Music Network in Schools:

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Macedon Primary School
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About our beginner Woodwinds & Brass:

Shaun talks about the Nuvo Dood & Toot, Yamaha Venova, pTrumpet and hyTech pTrumpet — all available from the Ranges Music Shop and great instruments for our Beginner Brass & Woodwind group lessons and ensembles!
Piano & Keyboard
Composing & Songwriting
Percussion & Drums
Electronic Music
Recording & Production

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