Romsey Primary School

The Ranges Music Network will offer a variety of instruments and ensembles at Romsey Primary in 2023!

The Ranges Music Network will bring our fun, inclusive and accessible mix of Group Lesson, Band / Ensemble and Individual programs to Romsey Primary School across a variety of instruments. Have a look below to start on your journey ..

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Group Lesson Programs: $28 / week 1st Enrolment | $18 / week any additional Enrolment

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What's on at Romsey Primary School:

Brass & Woodwind Club at Romsey Primary

This group is a fun introduction to the world of Brass & Woodwinds. Starting on our Nuvo Doods & Toots and pTrumpets we'll make some beautiful noise on our journey to Clarinets, Flutes, Saxophones, Trumpets & Trombones! All levels & abilities.

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Discovery Club at Romsey Primary [RPS]

This fun and engaging 40 minute group program will allow our musicians to explore and grow on a variety of instruments including Keyboards, Percussion, Guitar, Ukulele & Bass!

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Drum & Percussion Club at Romsey Primary (40 mins)

This fun and inclusive group is open to those who are keen to learn the technique and skills of a modern drummer! We'll use a combination of our drums, percussion, found percussion, bodies, noises and more to develop skills in rhythm, stick technique, timing, attack, dynamics and learning to read rhythmic notation. The group will work as a mini-band and learn what the component parts of any rhythm are so that they're on their way to start sitting behind a drum kit. All ages, levels and abilities are welcome! (Own drum sticks required).

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Guitar Club at Romsey PS [RPS]

This fun and inclusive group is the best place to kick off your Guitar journey! Musicians will work together in a group of 4-6 musicians with 1 mentor (based around age cohort) and build up their guitar skills together as an ensemble. Those with some experience will be given more difficult parts to keep them challenged.

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Keyboard Club at Romsey PS [RPS]

The Keyboard Club will be the place for those interested in developing their skills on Piano Keyboard! Musicians will work in small groups (with rations of 1:4-6) based on their experience and ability level. This ensemble is open to musicians from Year 1+.

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Rhythm Warriors & Groovers Mini-Bands (Romsey Primary School)

This is a fun and inclusive group for musicians in Year 2-3 (Rhythm Warriors) & 3+ (Groovers) who are keen to try a variety of instruments in a mini-band format. Musicians will have the opportunity to work on Drums / Percussion, Guitars, Keyboard and other instruments along the way -- perfect if you're not sure where to start!.

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The Violin Club at Romsey Primary School

Learners in our Violin group will work together to build technique, develop music reading and musicianship skills while learning new repertoire and having fun!

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Ukulele Club at Romsey Primary School

This fun and inclusive Ukulele program is a great way for little hands to get started on a string instrument! We'll work together as an ensemble while building up our knowledge of notes, chords and reading TAB and notation.

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Vocal Club I at Romsey Primary

Our fun and accessible Vocal Clubs will build up our singers' confidence and technique by working through material in this small group. Technique and regular warm up behaviours will be cemented through our weekly routine. Singers will begin learning aurally and gradually begin reading more and more music notation. A great way to develop as a Vocalist with your friends!

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Group Lessons at Romsey Primary

Our group lessons are a fun and inclusive program that are run like mini-bands — all with low ratios! These lessons present a great way to build your facility, learn to perform with others and make great music!

  • Group lessons are 40 minutes per week
  • Minimum 8 lessons per term
  • Includes min. 1hr+ ensemble performance opportunities
  • Concerts, music video shoots, recording sessions & special projects throughout the term.
  • Starts at $28 / week for your first Member
  • Then discounted to $18 / week for each additional Member!

Bands & Ensembles at Romsey Primary! COMING SOON!

We’re excited to offer new Bands & Ensembles at Romsey Primary that are open to any musician at the school!

  • Rehearsals are 40 minutes per week
  • Scheduled at lunch time or directly after school
  • Minimum 8 rehearsals per term
  • 1hr+ of performance and workshop opportunities per term
  • Recording sessions, music video shoots, special projects and more for our Bands!
  • Choose from Classic Rock Band & Singers or Senior Band (Year 4-6)
  • $28 / week for your first Musician (group or band enrolment)
  • Then $18 / week for each additional musician!

Individual Programs (20 or 30 minutes)

Perfect for those learners that are already off and running — or like the beat of their own drum! Choose your focus instrument or goal and we’ll build a plan to support your growth and objectives!

  • 20 Minute session per week for $38 / week
  • 30 Minute session per week for $48 / week
  • 1 hr+ of ensemble opportunities per term
  • Concert, music video, recording sessions & more performing opporunities throughout the year!

To discuss your individual needs please get in touch with the Program Director >>

Upcoming Sessions at Romsey Primary:

Please note the schedule is subject to change.

Week of Schedules

Any questions?

Please reach out to our Program Director, Shaun Evans with any questions you have. Email Shaun >>