Hesket Primary School

We’re excited to bring our programs to Hesket Primary School!


We’re very excited to build on our successes at Hesket Primary to add to the highest percentage of musicians in the school population of all of our schools!!

Program Days

Hesket Primary program days are Monday through Friday! Launchpad & Individual lessons will run from 12pm through the rest of the school day.

Meet The Team:

Oscar Lenain

Mae Smith

Amethyst Jane

Lizanne Richards

Shaun Evans

2024 Programs:

We are excited to announce a revamped set of programs designed to meet the needs of our curious and developing young musicians!

Discovery Club (Foundation to Year 2)

Discovery Club is THE Club for musicians in Foundation, Year 1 & 2. 

These musicians are not only new to music — they’re also overcoming challenges faced by their developing fine motor and socio-emotional control and co-ordinantion.

We’ll #playtolearn over 9 sessions each term with musical games and fun on Keyboard, Guitar, Drums & more!

(Note: Our 2024 Preps can join Discovery in Term 2 2024!)

Launchpad (Year 1/2+)

Lauchpad is our all-new, redesigned group program for 2024!

  • Choose your primary instrument (and an optional secondary one)
  • You’ll join a 1:4 Workshop (group) that will be mentored by one of the fantastic RMN Team of Music Mentors
  • Receive 8 sessions per term including 4 x Ensemble sessions (1:4) PLUS 4 x 20 min Individual Lessons
  • Plus you’ll receive video content from your Music Mentor for the rest of the school year (6 weeks) to support your learning.  That’s 40 weeks of learning & growing as a musician!
  • Receive weekly feedback and lesson notes plus new benchmarks (coming soon!) to track your progress

Individual Lessons

Start your journey with a tailored 20 minute Individual lesson program. Grow to 30+ minutes when you’re ready for your next step!

Need some help?

Reach out to our Program Director, Shaun Evans!

Upcoming Sessions at Hesket Primary School:

Please note the schedule is subject to change.

Week of Schedules

Any questions?

Please reach out to our Program Director, Shaun Evans with any questions you have. Email Shaun >>