Morning Programs

Our Morning Programs are a great way to start off any school day!

Our Morning Programs are designed to be a fun and energetic way to start your day. Morning Program sessions run for 40 minutes and will start before school (at 8:20 or 8:30am). The intention of the Morning Programs are to be an inclusive introduction to the many worlds of music. Our young musicians may try a couple different programs at a time or switch programs throughout the year to try many different options.

Morning Program Length: 40 minutes, Before School — Cost $18 (incl. GST) per Session, billed as an 8 week program. Each program will work towards a performance or product (recording / video / other) goal in the 8 week program.

Please let us know which of our Morning Programs sounds of interest for your child / children by completing the interest form on our 2020 School Music Programs page.

Our Morning Programs:

Movers & Shakers (All Year Levels) – Movers & Shakers is a fun and inclusive vocal and percussion group for all year levels. The group will enjoy a spectrum of material from Pop and Top 40 to World and Traditional music. We’ll use our voices, bodies, percussion, stomping, noises and improvisation to build up fun and energetic numbers to perform and record! #fun #movement #percussion #bodypercussion #whoops #popmusic #alllevels #inclusive >> Register your interest

Junior Voices (Foundation to Yr 2) – Junior Voices is a beginner choir that is structured to support and engage those with an interest in Voice. The group will use a varied and engaging mix of material to build on participant’s vocal technique and begin to equip them with the skills to sing in a group or choir. #beginnerchoir #newvoices #buildingskills #mixedmaterial #foundationplus >> Register your interest

Senior Voices (Year 3+) – Senior Voices is the Year 3+ counterpart to Junior Voices. Similarly it is considered a ‘beginner’s’ choir and will work to build participant’s vocal technique and use fun and engaging material to develop the skills necessary for singing in a group or choir. #beginnerchoir #newvoices #buildingskills #mixedmaterial #year3plus >> Register your interest

The Disney Club (All Levels) – The Disney Club is a fun and inclusive group that will focus on building up vocal and musical theatre skills through Disney and other Film and children’s music. From ‘Aladdin’ to ‘Sing!’ there is a huge wealth of great material for our members to get stuck into. We’ll delve into some basic choreography and build engaging and exciting numbers to perform and record for music videos. #disney #moviemusic #newvoices #buildingskills #musicaltheatre #foundationplus #inclusive #dancing >> Register your interest

The Junk Band (All Levels) – The Junk Band uses recycled materials, found and made instruments to explore rhythm, percussion, sounds, noises, improvisation and group composition. We’ll gain and build on fundamental percussion skills and work together to build songs and numbers that incorporate the whole group and the sound scape we can make. Be ready for movement, singing and bring your energy & enthusiasm! #greenmusic #diyinstruments #bucketdrums #percussion #buildingskills #composerswanted #foundationplus >> Register your interest

Our Space (All Levels) – Our Space is a great way to start a morning of school. We’ll use singing and drum circles to explore our voices, rhythm and how music can make us feel. Our Space is a great way to utilize the power of music to build confidence, self esteem and to centre oneself for a busy day ahead. #meditation #wellbeing #singingcircle #drumcircle #musicforlife #downtempo #foundationplus >> Register your interest

Morning Folk Sessions (All Levels) – This ‘beginner’ gateway to the world of Folk and Traditional music will be a fun and exciting way to start the day. Participants can use their current skills in singing or playing with voice, percussion, guitars, fiddles, woodwinds and more. Each session will focus on a traditional song and the conventions of the ‘session’ where musicians come together, share songs, improvise and share their love of music from around the world. #folkmusic #traditionalmusic #singingandplaying #bringyourinstrument #beginnergroup #foundationplus >> Register your interest

Please visit our 2020 School Music Programs page for more information or email our Program Director, Shaun Evans at