Woodend Primary School

Woodend Primary School

The Ranges Music Network has some exciting and innovative programs happening at Woodend Primary School in 2020!

Exciting After School Programs!

We have some fun and engaging programs at Woodend Primary School that will cater to a variety of interests and levels of experience. Our Tuesday Discovery has been a great springboard to get a number of young musicians excited about making music and trying different instruments.

There is limited availability for Individual lessons at Woodend Primary, but if this is something you are interested in please get in touch.

Guitars Ensemble (Mondays)

Our 60 minute After School group for all things Guitars! Choose from and have a go at Guitar, Ukulele and Bass Guitar. Students will require their own instrument to start, but there will be a limited number of trial instruments per session to have a go at something new!

Tuesday Discovery

This fun and inclusive group is aimed at Prep to Grade 2/3 students who are keen to explore Keyboard, Percussion / Drums and Guitars / Uke while building up their musical vocabulary. This is a great jumping off place for those new to music! Learn to speak in the language of music while having heaps of fun (and playing Music Bingo!)

Thursday WPS Band

Thursday’s program is aimed at Grade 2/3+ musicians who have found an instrument they enjoy and are interested in working together with others in an ensemble. You’ll still have the opportunity to try new things along the way including Drums, Guitars, Bass, Keyboard, Harp and more!

60-minute After School Programs

All of our programs at Woodend PS are in a 60-minute Ensemble format and run from 3:40 to 4:40pm in the Music Room. Musicians can come straight to the Music Room at the end of the day to meet the team.

Get Started!

Email our Program Director, Shaun Evans to get going and then:

  • complete a New Member Form here
  • and purchase your first batch of After School Ensemble credits below. (New enrolments: minimum 2 credits).

Want To Get Involved In Singing?

We have plans for a Vocal Group to kick off at Woodend this year. Reach out if you’d like to take part >>