Accessible Music Education

Accessible music education is a core goal of the RMN

The goal of the RMN is to provide inclusive and accessible music education to musicians of all ages in the Macedon Ranges.  We view the musician (or ‘Learner’) as a whole person, with numerous factors that will impact the way and process through which they learn music and their ability to progress.  We value inclusiveness in place of exclusivity.  By offering opportunity and encouragement to all who are keen to learn we give a chance to everyone to find a special spark within them that will support their growth, mental health, confidence and belief in their ability to do anything they set their mind to.  

Exceptional or naturally talented Learners will not be stifled by the opportunities presented to everyone.  They will not only have more opportunity to find new areas to be challenged (as through a large and active organization we’ll have greater scope to offer extraordinary experiences and chances to shine), but they will have receive opportunities to act as leaders, mentors and teachers for their cohort — which is a valuable learning opportunity unto itself.

By learning you will teach; by teaching you will learn.

Latin proverb

In learning you will teach; in teaching you will learn.

Phil Collins (Son Of Man)

Accessibility is a driving force behind the philosophy of Ranges Music Network.  In a relatively strong socio-economic region, such as the Macedon Ranges it is easy to be led to develop an exclusive music program with an equally exclusive price tag.  At RMN we aim to strike a balance between ensuring we respect and remunerate our staff appropriately for their talents and energy that they bring to the program, while ensuring we maximize access to the variety of programs and experiences we have on offer.  We want to expose our Learners and the broader community to as broad a cornucopia of musical tastes, styles and experiences as possible. Who knows which thread a young (or old) musician will pull on that will then unleash a whole new world of creativity and expression for them.  

Learning is not only a pursuit of the young.  It has been my experience that everyone has a desire to continue to learn and stretch themselves.  The number of lapsed guitarists or horn players that I’ve met in the last decade that, with a little encouragement were able to put themselves into a new (and uncomfortable) situation, reconnect old brain pathways, find their spark, love and inspiration through music and really change their lives.  It could be something as simple as newfound confidence — a boost to their self-esteem. It could be new social circles and connections that buoy their mental and physical health. Or it could be rekindling a long lapsed dream — to be in a band — to make and share in the language of music with others.  To feel passion, be inspired and, in turn, be inspiring.

Shaun Evans, Program Director (

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