The RMN Jazz Band Program

TJB – The RMN Jazz Band [12 +]

The Club Of Blues connects musicians who are just starting out or reconnecting with music making!

The RMN Jazz Band is a 2020 program for musicians 15 + with an interest in Jazz and improvisation. Jazz is as broad a genre as Rock, Electronic or others — encompassing a tradition of music from the turn of the 20th Century to today. Our program is geared for musicians that are interested in exploring the breadth of Jazz in both small group and Big Band performance opportunities!

We’ll explore the Jazz tradition and improvisation through exploration of Traditional New Orleans Jazz & Blues, 20th Century Jazz Standards, The Big Band era, 50s and 60s Bop, Concert Jazz, Funk, Soul & more. Participants will have the opportunity to play in small groups and in large ensembles. We’ll learn and delve into Jazz standards across the spectrum and learn to improvise and speak the ‘language’ of Jazz!

The Program:

Each session of TJB will run over 8 weeks. The program is open to all instrumentalists and vocalists aged 12+. We’ll work towards a gig in Week 8! Sessions will have a ratio of one Mentor to 10-12 participants per session. Sessions will be held at Woodend Primary with the gig at a local venue (see schedule & cost below.)

Each Session: 90 minutes (two 40 minute sessions with a break). Small Band Sessions: 1 Mentor. Big Band Sessions: 2 Mentors + 1 Apprentice.

Weeks 1-5: Skill building based around our standards and style. Learning to read a lead sheet and how to find your place in the ensemble. Communicating with others in the group through comping, backing, supporting, improvising and taking lead roles.

Weeks 6-7: Program members will start working in big and smaller groups, supported by their Mentors and our Apprentices to prepare numbers for the big gig.

Week 8: The Gig! We’ll host a gig at a local venue and invite your supporters to cheer you on!

The Mentors:

The T.C.O.B. is mentored by local Jazz artists and specialists. The mentors will change depending on the session goals and instrumentalists enroled. They’ll be joined by Program Director and local Musical Director Shaun Evans and supported by RMN Apprentices.

Vocal specialist Georgia Martin

Georgia Martin

Vocal Specialist & Educator

>> Learn More About Georgia Martin

Tom Martin

Guitar Specialist, Band Leader & Educator

Musical Director & Producer Shaun Evans

Shaun Evans

Program Director, Ranges Music Network

The Apprentices:

The Ranges Music Network is proud to support a number of senior Secondary School musicians and those in Tertiary studies to work as Apprentices in our music education programs. RMN provides training, mentoring, feedback and support to allow our Apprentices to learn on the job — working with you to become both better teachers and better musicians. We believe providing this opportunity for the next generation of Educators is a valuable investment in our thriving music community.

Program Cost / Schedule:

Next Program: To begin in Feb 2020 / Accepting enrolments! Woodend Primary School Music Room. Day TBA from 7 pm to 8:40 pm.

Cost: $36 per session incl. GST / $288 for an 8 week Program.

Gig Entry (Week 8): Suggested $5 donation to the Ranges Music reinvestment fund (for equipment, concerts and workshops for the community and local schools).

Get Signed Up!

If you’re interested in being a part of the first RMN Jazz Band program in February 2020 please email us for info!