The Nuvo Dood Mini Clarinet

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The Ranges Music Network is excited to be working with some of the most innovative providers in Music Education today to make available state-of-the-art new Woodwind and Brass instruments. These cool new horns are designed to excite and engage young musicians while lowering the barriers to trying a new instrument!

All of our new beginner to intermediate-level instruments are available through our shop (direct from suppliers) for $200 or less — in some cases much less. Compared to a similarly priced ‘cheap’ instrument from Aldi or Ebay the quality, consistency and resilience of these instruments is exceptional. They have been purposefully designed to encourage new musicians (of all ages) to start and continue making music. You’ll see through the descriptions below that these are not only gateway instruments, but can be enjoyed for years to come!

The team at Ranges Music Network is designing a custom curriculum and resources that will allow musicians working with these instruments to not only play in small groups, but also to be a part of our bands and other ensemble programs! We’re very excited to get every new musician making music with others and sharing in the joy of collaboration.

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Woodwinds for small hands

Nuvo Doot & Toot Bundle

Nuvo Dood (Mini-Clarinet) and Toot (Mini-Flute)

Designed in the UK, the Dood and Toot are two truly exciting new additions to the music education scene. The Dood is a mini-clarinet and includes a mouthpiece, reed and thumb rest just let a regular clarinet.

The Toot is set up just like a mini-flute and includes the innovation of a whistle-style lip plate that allows beginners to focus on getting their fingers moving first and then ‘graduate’ to a traditional Flute-style lip plate to build their embouchure.

Both instruments are made of ABS Plastic, are completely washable, are resilient to drops and bumps and are a great option for new musicians with smaller hands — including Foundation kids! This is partly because of the condensed finger hole spacings, but also because the keys have silicone cover flaps that help beginners (and small fingers) cover the holes! Each unit includes a case and accessories.

The next step in Woodwinds

Yamaha Venova 'Casual' Saxophone

The Yamaha Venova ‘Casual’ Saxophone

The Venova is a fun and cool new instrument from a well respected brand in the music instrument scape — Yamaha. The Venova is set up just like a standard Saxophone and includes a plasticover reed, ligature and mouthpiece.

Users hold the Venova just like a Saxophone and fingerings are very similar to standard Sax fingerings, including using an octave key. This is a great instrument for beginners or those that love fun to build up their fingers and embouchure on the way to playing the Sax.

The Venova is made of plastic, is fairly resilient to drops (although it has more moving parts than the Nuvo instruments). It includes the plasticover reed and mouthpiece cap (and can be replaced with any standard Soprano Saxophone reeds), ligature and a great molded plastic case.

This instrument is light, easy to carry and a great option for those keen on eventually moving on to Saxophone.

Exciting Brass Instruments

pTrumpet in Red

The pTrumpet from pInstruments

Another UK innovation — the pTrumpet from pInstruments has taken the music education and Brass Band world by storm over the last few years. The pInstruments line includes Trumpets and Trombones that are made completely of ABS Plastic, which not only makes the instruments resilient and affordable but fun to play!

pTrumpets come in a number of different colours to choose from. The plastic valves require much less lubrication and maintenance than a standard Trumpet. The instruments can be washed with soap and water. They include two sizes of plastic mouthpieces and a carrying case as standard. Best of all — they’re extremely light — which makes them a great choice for young musicians!

Coming soon — the pBone!

The hyTech pTrumpet

The next evolution in the pTrumpet line is the hyTech. With redesigned values with a new generation of movement and function, a metal mouthpiece and a finish that looks like the real thing — these trumpets definitely impress!

The hyTech Trumpets are also fully plastic and include a more generous case than the pTrumpet line. This all comes with a bump in the starting price — consider the hyTech a step between the pTrumpet and the investment in your first Student or Intermediate trumpet.

Exciting Options for Brass & Woodwinds!

We’re excited to work with these suppliers and will be bringing more innovative products to you, our Learners! If you have any questions about the right beginner or fun instrument please let us know.

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