Online Ensembles: Bands & Vocal Groups

Join our online ‘virtual’ Bands and Vocal groups for all levels and ages!

We’re excited to offer a variety of ensembles, bands, vocal groups and more that will continue to grow online and offline!

Step 1: Choose the Ensemble program that excites you!

Step 2: Work through the instructional videos, material and exercises each week to build your skills and performance.

Step 3: Share video / audio recordings of your performance (with our practice tracks) to build performance videos with others — or just jam it out at home!

Step 4: Hop on a chat and jam with your friends in the same ensemble program.

(Eventually) we’ll all get together and have some cooking bands and choirs in the Macedon Ranges!

Ideal For:

Those with some experience on their instrument or who are willing to have a go! Parts for each ensemble will include options for Beginner to Intermediate players and Intermediate to Advanced musicians.

This is the whole reason that you learn the language of music — to share in the joy of making music with others! We know that the online format is initially a bit limiting, but by working together on a curriculum of repertoire and skills we’ll be building the blocks for some awesome local ensembles that can get out there and perform, record and more!

Age Levels:

Our programs are meant to be accessible to Learners of all ages (including Adults!), but the content of particular ensembles may be more appealing to younger or older Learners. Check out the options for more details.

Program Cost: $12 incl. per week / per Ensemble **

** Introductory discount price

Each week includes:

  • A skill building / exercise and performance (song) module to work through.
  • Custom instructional Video content created by our talented Ranges Music Network team.
  • Sheet music, practice tracks and support materials to learn and perform with.
  • Online Q&A with your Educator(s) through The Feed.
  • Share your part in a Video or Audio recording to be a part of our online group performance videos!

Plus access to any previous week’s content while your subscription is active!

Lots of groups to choose from:

Sing It!: The Disney Club >>

Join in the fun of singing classic tunes from Disney, Kids movies, tv and more. Fun games and exercises to build your vocal ability and confidence! A fun group to get singing and moving.

The Musical Theatre Club >>

Do you love Musical Theatre? Then this is the club for you! The MTC is working through a variety of material from the classics of Musical Theatre to new musical movie hits. Get in on the fun! Challenges for all levels.

The Fun-Kateers Jam Band >>

This is the Band for Singers and Instrumentalists who are keen to move and groove, learn to improvise and have fun! We’re using Blues, Funk, Groove and fun tunes to put together the best street band in the land! Parts and challenges for all levels!

Starting Soon – Register your interest!

Movers & Shakers – A Pre-School Jam >>

Do you have young music makers that would be keen to learn about the basics of music such as piano notes, reading music and rhythms, singing and having fun? We’re building a weekly program for Mums, Dads and their little music makers to grow a love for music! Perfect for pre-schoolers or young music makers that like to sing, move, bang and have fun.

Sing It!: Classic Rock >>

A fun and inclusive group where we’ll sing Pop and Rock classics. Build your abilities and performance skill while having heaps of fun with these great tunes! For singers of all levels who are keen to have fun and let their hair fly.

Play It!: Classic Rock >>

The Instrumental side of our Classic Rock ensemble — for all instruments and levels. Join the band and rock out to some Classic Pop and Rock hits.

Sing It!: Motown & Soul >>

We all need a bit of classic Soul and groovy Northern Soul in our lives right now! Great for singers of all levels to work on some classic hits and inspirational tunes.

Play It!: Motown & Soul >>

The Instrumental side of our Motown and Soul ensemble — join the band and find the pocket! With structured parts to suit all levels this inclusive band will introduce anyone to the joy of playing in a studio band — with the soundtrack of a whole generation at our fingertips!

The Folk Music Ensemble >>

A great opportunity for Singers and Instrumentalists to learn about Folk traditions. Starting with songs from Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales and incorporating traditional songs from around the world. With challenging parts for all levels!

T.C.O.B. – The Club Of Blues >>

Are you a Singer, Guitarist, Drummer, Keyboardist or Instrumentalist who always dreamed of playing in a Blues band? Maybe you’re interested in improv and how all the magic works with Blues and Jazz. This is a great place to start your journey to learn to improvise as we introduce you to 12 Bar Blues and some Rock and Jazz classics. Great for those with some facility in their instrument who are keen to have fun.

The New Orleans All-Stars >>

Have an interest in Jazz and want to learn more? If you’re a Singer or Instrumentalist this is the club for you! We’ll work through a repertoire of Traditional New Orleans Jazz and Blues standards and work our way into Jazz classics of the 30s and onwards. Improvise, learn the tradition and jam out as a member of the All-Stars! Great for those with some facility in their instrument who are keen to have fun.

The Ranges Ska Orchestra >>

Are you interested in playing music that you can move and groove to? How about another, Jamaican-influenced route to learning to improvise, be creative and perform in a cool band? This is the one for you! We’ll work through a selection of Ska, Reggae, Rocksteady, Mento, Calypso and Soca classics and get you jammin’ in no time. Great for those with some facility in their instrument who are keen to have fun and grow.

The Guitar Orchestra >>

Our team of talented Guitar experts will work with you to develop both your single line and chord knowledge and technique through some fun material for Guitars and Basses! Gypsy Jazz, Brazillian Choro, Blues, Jazz, Rock and Roll — all with parts for guitarists to challenge and grow their skills! Great for those with some facility in their instrument who are keen to grow and have fun.

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