Group Instruction

We’re excited to offer engaging group lessons that value participation and an ensemble approach to learning.

Some of our members schools will allow for the option of Group (1 Educator to 4-5 students) and Individual (1 to 1) music instruction before school and through the day:

Group Instruction 40 minute Sessions – from 8:20am through the day (some schools) – $24 (incl. GST) per session. Some programs may require the purchase or hire of an instrument or equipment.

Group lessons are an excellent, accessible way for our young musicians to start their musical journey. With low Educator to student ratios we ensure that our experts can provide the students with the time and attention they need to progress.

We are excited to offer beginners access to the best in accessible instruments for Woodwinds such as the Nuvo Doods & Toots:

as well as low cost, high value beginner Brass instruments from pInstruments such as the pTrumpet & pTrombone:

We also have an exciting opportunity direct from Woodend — a hand-made accessible Modal Harp built under the guidance of Dr. Frances Thiele !

The key is breaking down any barriers to trying a new instrument and kicking off a lifetime of enjoyment. Ranges Music Network members will have access to discounted instrument purchase through our online music shop as well as competitive instrument hire through our partners (coming soon!).

Our Group lesson programs are all participatory and ensemble based (including Percussion and Keyboard) so no one will be left out or working on their own with headphones on.

All instrumentalists and vocalists will be expected to purchase a music stand for use with their sheet music and resources provided for their Group or Individual lesson program.

++ Programs that may require an instrument purchase or hire

2020 Group Programs On Offer:

  • Voice / Singing
  • Beginner Winds (Nuvo Doods & Toots) ++
  • Beginner Brass (pTrumpet & pTrombone) ++
  • Woodwinds (Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone) ++
  • Brass (Trumpet, Trombone) ++
  • Percussion (Drums, Hand Percussion, Mallets, Fundamentals) ++
  • Harp (Woodend’s upcoming Modal Harps) ++
  • Ukulele ++
  • Guitars ++
  • Piano / Keyboard ++
  • Strings (Fiddle, Violin) ++

Our 2020 Group Instruction programs will be offered for $24 (incl. GST) per Session for a 40 minute Group lesson. Ratios: 1 Educator to 4-5 Musicians.

Please visit our 2020 School Music Programs page for more information or email our Program Director, Shaun Evans at

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