Dr Frances Thiele playing harp

Educator Focus: Dr. Frances Thiele

Fran Thiele is an exceptional educator, committed to supporting the growth in young musicians of all styles …

Dr. Frances Thiele is a passionate Harpist, music educator and V.I.T.-registered Teacher from Macedon. Fran is a tireless advocate for music in schools and has written and consulted for schools and training institutions with a focus on supporting individual creative growth through music and the arts.

Dr Frances Thiele

Fran fell in love with the Harp at age 9 and found a home in traditional Folk Music from the British Isles. Her musical journey has found her exploring both Jazz, recorded and Electronic music — pushing the boundaries of traditional notions of the Harp and its role on the stage.

Fran’s Harp works have been published by Mel Bay in the US and she performs and holds workshops throughout the country. Fran holds a Fellowship in Musicology from the Australian Society of Musicology and Composition. She is a published Historian and author with a passion for Aboriginal legacy and the history of our state.

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