Individual 20 Minute Lessons (All Schools)

Our Individual 20 Minute programs are a great place for #individuals to explore their interests and grow!!



Our Individual 20 Minute programs are a great place for #individuals to explore their interests and grow!!


Individual 20 Minute Lessons (All Schools)

For a pro-rata Term 2 enrolment please email >>

Enrol your musician in an Individual Program for 20 minutes each week.  Includes 8 lessons per term.

30 minute and longer programs only available by prior arrangement.   Please get in touch >>

** Renew early for Term 3 & 4 and save! **
Renew before the end of term for 2% off a Term or 5% off a Semester (Term 3 & 4).
Term Fees: $380 per Term for 8 x 20 min lessons

** Please EMAIL US for Term 1 pro-rata enrolments. **

Pay by the Semester and save 5%: $722 per Semester for 16 lessons

Include Instrument Hire: $75 per Term for enroled Members!  (Subject to availability.)

Slingshot Option: If your musician would benefit from 2 x 10 min sessions over the week (struggles with attention, needs a classroom brain break) please select ‘Yes’ for the Slingshot option and we’ll let you know if this can be arranged. Please get in touch with any questions >>

Individual Programs are perfect for:

  • dedicated musicians with previous experience and musical goals
  • learners who need a particular approach or learning supports
  • those with socio-emotional needs that aren’t satisfied in a group setting

Please get in touch prior to placing your order to confirm availability >>

Our Educators will work to develop individual goals and strategies to support your learning and build your musical vocabulary!

All Individual Program members will:

  • receive 8 lessons per term (32 lessons per year).
  • receive weekly feedback from their Music Mentors
  • track their progress using our benchmark tools (coming soon!)
  • join in 1 hr or more of ensemble activities with other musicians at the school or other individual program musicians
  • participate in recording sessions, video shoots, concerts & special projects!

Availability is limited for Individual ProgramsPlease feel free to contact the Program Director prior to enrolment to discuss your options >>

Individual Programs do not qualify for the Family Discount.

Those wishing to pursue an AMEB or other syllabus are welcome to supply those materials and we will support the individual musician in their syllabus program.

Looking for a 30+ min lesson?  Please email >>

30 min lesson fees: $512.25 per term for 8 lessons / $973.28 per semester for 16 lessons

40 min lesson fees (Year 4+) available upon request.

Additional information

Your Primary Instrument

Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Cello, Clarinet, Drums, Electric Guitar, Flute, Piano, Saxophone, Singing, Trombone, Trumpet, Ukulele, Violin, Voice

Enrol for ..

Term 3 (8 Lessons), Terms 3 & 4 (Save!)

Your Secondary Interest

Acting, Bass, Brass, Composing, Drums, Electronic Music, Guitar, Musical Theatre, No Selection, Piano, Singing, Songwriting, Strings, Voice, Woodwinds

Include Instrument Hire?

None required, Yes! (We'll get in touch)

Interested in a Slingshot (2 x 10 min) program?

Yes, I think Slingshot would be a good option!, No