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Get Up & Go! in Term 3 with a new instrument to pair with Launchpad Standard program.  4 :

PRIMO for our Beginner offers!

SECONDO for our Intermediate offers including Saxophones, Flutes, Clarinets & more ..


  • Option A: FREE Nuvo Dood (Beginner Clarinet) or Toot (Beginner Flute) HIRE plus 7% off Term 3 & 4 Launchpad enrolment (limited quantities!)
  • Option B: $55 NEW Dood or Toot + 10% off your Term 3 Launchpad program


  • Option C: FREE pTrumpet Hire + 7% off your Term 3 & 4 Launchpad enrolment (limited quantities!)
  • Option D: $246 NEW pTrumpet or pBone + 10% off your Launchpad program


  • Option E: $50 Violin Hire7% off your Term 3 & 4 Launchpad enrolment (limited quantities!)
  • Option F: $310 NEW Violin kit (1/4 – 3/4 size) + 10% off your Launchpad program


  • Option G: $139 Artist 3/4 Classical Guitar pack10% off your Launchpad program
  • Option G#: $50 Loog PRO Mini 3-String Beginner Guitar HIRE7% off your Term 3 & 4 Launchpad program


  • Option Bb / C#: NEW $380 – $550 Electric Drum Kit options + 15% off your Launchpad program for 1 Term


  • Option Eb: NEW $130 Donner or Casio 32-Key Keyboard10% off your Launchpad program

All orders subject to availability and delivery times.  Where possible new instrument orders will be shipped to your door.  Hire instruments will be delivered at school.  Subject to availability.  RMN reserves the right to substitute a product of equal or better quality or refund your deal if instrument stock becomes unavailable.  Get Up & Go Discounts do not qualify for Family Pricing discounts.  All products and programs qualify for our 2 week cooling-off period!  For Launchpad programs at our 12 member schools only.

Please get in touch with any questions before placing your order >>

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Option A (FREE Dood or Toot Hire w 2 Terms), Option B (NEW Dood or Toot), Option C (FREE pTrumpet or pBone Hire w 2 Terms), Option D (NEW pTrumpet or pBone), Option E (String Hire w 2 Terms), Option F (NEW Violin Kit), Option G (NEW Guitar Kit), Option G# (Loog mini PRO Hire + 2 Terms), Option Bb (NEW SoundKing Basic Drum Kit), Option C# (NEW SoundKing Mesh Drum Kit), Option Eb (NEW Donner or Casio 32-Key Keyboard)