Composition & Songwriting

Composition & Songwriting

Express yourself through song — apply theory and your creativity to make magic and share it with others

Composing & Songwriting is not just for the John Williams and Billie Eilish of this world — you likely have a great songwriter or composer inside you just waiting to come out! Our Composition and Songwriting programs will offer a diverse mix of skills and approaches that will help you build your confidence and your toolbox. Combined with our programs for Recording & Producing music or writing and performing Electronic Music you’ll have the skill set to build on to create your next great work!

2020 programs in Composing & Songwriting will include Songwriting circles for beginners, Composer’s workshops, Individual lessons and more. Inquire now if you are interested in growing as a Composer or Songwriter:

Our Composition & Songwriting Mentors:

Violinist Henry Vyhnal

Henry Vyhnal

Composer & Arranger, String Educator, Ensemble Leader

Learn more about Henry >>

Dr Frances Thiele

Dr. Frances Thiele

Composer, Arranger & Orchestrator, Harp Educator, Applied Theory Mentor

Learn more about Dr. Frances Thiele >>

Shaun Evans directing community music

Shaun Evans

Program Director, Composer, Arranger, Orchestrator & Producer, Musical Director

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