Wednesday Guitar Group Lesson [Macedon Primary]

Session Details:

A group for those who are keen on playing the Guitar or Bass Guitar but just getting started. Learn the fundamentals of technique, rhythm and chords in this fun ensemble-based lesson. BYO Guitar or contact us for hire or purchase information.

The Beginner Guitar group lessons will occur in the afternoons at Macedon Primary during school time. Learners will be guided through the basics of becoming a Guitarist including correct posture, strumming technique, basic chords, reading music and building up repertoire. We'll work with the Ranges Music Network custom curriculum of fun tunes so that our new Gutiar players are empowered to play on their own and in RMN ensembles!

Your Educators for this Session: Kyle MuirTim Francis

Session Location:

Macedon Primary School >> [MPS] Multipurpose Room

Please note:

This session will require either BYO Guitar, Guitar hire or purchase. Please contact the Program Director, Shaun Evans.


Outcome(s) for this Program: PerformanceRecordingVideo

Details: Learners will gain confidence in their abilities and develop a range of notes and chords under their fingers, the basics of rhythm, time and dynamics and starting on their journey to read and recognize music notation.

Accepting Enrolments

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This session starts on or after: Feb 24, 2020

More Information:

  • Instruments: BYO InstrumentGuitar (BYO)Guitar (Hire)
  • Session Length: 40 minutes per session
  • Price per session: $24 (incl. GST)
  • Program Type(s): Group Instruction
  • Ratio: 1 Educator to 5 Learners
  • Suggested Year Levels: From Year 2 and up.

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