Beginner Brass & Woodwinds [Macedon Primary]

Session Details:

A program for those new to Brass instruments with a focus on the accessible pTrumpet and pBone from pInstruments.

Your Educators for this Session: Sue Morris >>

Session Location:

Macedon Primary School >> [MPS] Multipurpose Room


Outcome(s) for this Program: PerformanceRecordingVideo

Details: Students will learn the fundamentals on their instrument and begin their journey of reading and playing notated music.

Accepting Enrolments

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This session starts on or after: Feb 08, 2021

More Information:

  • Instruments: pBonepTrumpetTrumpet
  • Session Length: 40 minutes per session
  • Price per session: $24 (incl. GST)
  • Program Type(s): 40 min EnsembleDaytimeGroup Instruction
  • Ratio: 1 Educator to 5 Learners
  • Suggested Year Levels: From Year 1 and up.

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