Percussion & Drums

Percussion & Drums

Learn to bring the beat: All things percussion and drums to get you in the groove

At RMN we love to get groovy — to drive a beat, dance, feel and have fun. You’ll notice that we like to call our ‘drummers’ Percussionists. Not because ‘percussion’ is pretentious or ‘classical’, but because it evokes the world of possibilities present when you apply a mix of rhythm, sounds, spaces, textures, materials and combine them with emotions, interpretation and feeling to make a tapestry of sound. Percussion is about making music with our bodies, with everything around us — sometimes a Drum — sometimes our hands, legs, feet and nothing else!

If you love to make a groove and make people move then we’ll have the programs to get you on your journey as a Drummer or Percussionist. Ranges Music Network will offer all kinds of Bands, Ensembles, Individual and Group lesson programs for everyone to find their inner Percussionist.

2020 Percussion & Drum programs for Schools and in the Community will be coming soon! If you’re interested in finding your beat them get in touch today:

Our Percussion Educators:

Rory McDougall

Percussion Educator, Ensemble Leader