Get involved in The Matilda Project -- a Virtual Band!

The Matilda Project

What Is The Matilda Project??

The Ranges Music Network presents The Matilda Project — a chance for us all to come together ‘virtually’ — form a killer band and put our skills to a fun Australian classic! We’ve updated Banjo Patterson‘s Waltzing Matilda for a bit of fun during everyone’s time at home.

  1. Grab a parts pack for the Matilda Project in your instrument(s) — only $5!
    • Each parts pack includes a variety of parts to suit players of all ages (including Adults!) and experience levels (right down to beginners!).
  2. Download the practice tracks, backing track and check out the support videos on the Project Member’s page (you’ll get access once you have your parts pack).
  3. Practice your parts, reach out for help and — when you’re ready — do a video (or audio recording) of your performance to share with us!
  4. We’ll mash it all up in a series of Matilda Project music videos to share with everyone!

Grab a parts pack now >>

Check out our Waltzing Matilda!

Updates About The Project

Get involved in The Matilda Project -- a Virtual Band!

Sample Parts Packs

Have a look at these sample parts packs so you have an idea of what’s included:

Get your Parts Packs nThe Matilda Project – Grab A Parts Pack!ow from the Ranges Music Network Shop >>

Each pack also includes a fun Body Percussion part to give a try! Walk through video coming soon!

Vocal Packs

Woodwind Packs

Rhythm Section Packs

  • Ukulele (Ukulele + EZ Ukulele) Preview >>
  • Ukulele TAB (Ukulele TAB + EZ Ukulele TAB) Preview >>
  • Guitar (Guitar + EZ Guitar & EZ Chords) Preview >>
  • Guitar TAB (Guitar TAB + EZ Guitar TAB + EZ Chords TAB) Preview >>
  • Bass Guitar (Bass + EZ Bass) Preview >>
  • Bass Guitar TAB (Bass TAB + EZ Bass TAB) Preview >>
  • Piano / Keyboard (Keyboard + EZ Keys + EZ Chords) Preview >>
  • Drum Kit (Drum Kit + EZ Drum Kit) Preview >>
  • Snare Drum (Snare Drum + EZ Snare Drum) Preview >>
  • Percussion (Shakers, Double Toms, Bass Drum) Preview >>

Brass Packs

String Packs

Practice Aids Included:

  • Slow, Medium and Full Tempo backing tracks
  • Support videos from the Ranges Music Team to help you learn your parts
  • A fun and connected network of local music lovers working together on a great way to stay connected!

Ready to share your performance?

If you’re ready to go with all of a part — or even just a little section that you’ve been working on please share it with us!

Want to use the Waltzing Matilda Project with your school or community music organization? Let us know! >>