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Life Long Learners

Great opportunities for Home School families to get involved in making music!

The Ranges Music Network is excited to be able to offer opportunities for Adult aspiring musicians to take advantage of our group and individual lesson programs and some community ensembles!

Group and Individual lessons will be scheduled initially at our partner studio in Gisborne during the day and after 3pm.

As we’re building out our schedule we ask that you complete our interest form so we can follow up with you and match you with other musicians with similar interests and ages.

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Group Lesson Programs

Available for Woodwinds (Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone), Brass (Trumpet & Trombone), Guitar & Bass, Ukulele, Piano & Keyboard, Drums & Percussion, Strings (Violin, Viola, Cello) with more programs on the way!

Group Lesson programs from $28 / session.

Individual lessons also available upon request (subject to availability).

Our Ensembles

We have a variety of fun and inclusive ensemble programs already running in our partner schools. We’re excited about the opportunity to create community versions of these groups that will be accessible during the day or in the evening (subject to demand).

Band & Ensembles programs from $26 / session.

Drop-In Adult Jam Band with a Ranges Music Network mentor from $22 / session.

Need An Instrument?

Please let us know. The Ranges Music Network offers a selection of quality beginner instruments at a low entry price. We can also provide recommendations for rental or hire services in Melbourne.

Share your interest

Please let us know what piques your interest! Complete the form >>

If you have any questions please contact our Program Director, Shaun Evans at