Piano & Keyboard

Piano & Keyboard

Discover the world of opportunities when you open the door to the world of the Piano Keyboard

The Piano and the Piano Keyboard are perhaps the most versatile and flexible of instruments in the musical spectrum. Originally a vehicle for Classical music, the Piano and Keyboard are a major player in all forms of popular music since the turn of the 20th century!

Whether you’re interested in Classical, Ragtime, Stride, Trad Jazz, Boogie-Woogie, Soul, Rock n Roll, Electronic Music and more — we’re keen to work with you to set you on your musical journey.

One of the priorities of the RMN Keyboard programs is to encourage pianists / keyboardists to play with others in a band or ensemble. Piano can become a lonely, solo pursuit — and musicians only fully grow when they share and collaborate with others.

Exciting Piano & Keyboard programs coming in 2020 for all levels! If you’re interested in getting started on the Piano or Keyboard please contact us:

Our Piano & Keyboard Educators:

Pianist & Musical Director Jem Sherwill

Jem Sherwill

Piano & Keyboard Educator, Ensemble Leader, Musical Director

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Musical Director & Producer Shaun Evans

Shaun Evans

Program Director, Keyboard & Electronic Music Educator

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Community Band programs for Pianists & Keyboardists:

The Club Of Blues
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The RMN Jazz Band Program
The RMN Jazz Band Program
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